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Office Assistant
Ensure that the database is being used to properly capture business related data such as downtime, failure codes, response times, completion times, work charged...
Clinical Fraud Investigator- Remote - Kansas
New Directions Behavioral Health Kansas
Ability to handle multiple and conflicting priorities. Assists in communicating the results of audit and consulting projects via written reports and oral...
Criminal History Specialist
Government of the District of Columbia Washington, DC
Age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family. Given that distinction, the Metropolitan Police Department...
US Department of Justice Portland, OR
The United States Government does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual...
Police Officer
Sanford Airport Authority Sanford, FL
Law Enforcement:. Use maps, diagrams, sketches and drawings, manuals, reports, policies and procedures, Taser, personal protective devices including eye...
Director of Public Safety
Wesley College Inc Dover, DE
Management of police/public safety personnel with appropriate training and experience gained in civilian and/or military law enforcement....
Criminal Analyst
Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor New York, NY
The candidate selected will perform analytical work in the compilation and examination of complex data in criminal investigations involving narcotics, money...
Terminal Officer
Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority Fort Wayne, IN
Enforces Federal, State, and local laws as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer under the Indiana Code. This position will respond to law enforcement incidents in...
Assistant Regional Manager- State Prog Admin Manager
State of Minnesota Saint Paul, MN
Requires occasionally lifting such articles as file boxes and heavy hand tools or heavier materials with help from others and/or lifting and carrying light...
Police Officer* - 90220039 - Washington
In accordance with DOT regulations (49 CFR section 40.25), Amtrak is required to obtain prior drug and alcohol testing records for applicants/employees...

Recently, the Department of Justice reported that about 1 million dedicate women and men now serve in state and local law enforcement agencies. Those interested in this field can become police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, and 911 response agents. You could also work with law enforcement units dedicated to K-9 handling, counterterrorism, digital forensics, SWAT, and extreme environments.

While the number of law enforcement jobs has grown over the recent past with new opportunities surfacing, this line of work is still quite competitive. For students, it helps to start the career as you build your portfolio and gain work experience. Here are good paying jobs for a student in law enforcement and security by our professionals:

Consider Working as a Security Guard

Providing security offers easy to find law enforcement and security jobs for students. Mostly ignored, a job as a security guard can give you valuable decent income as you work towards your diploma or degree in law enforcement. In this role, you will be employed by a private or public party to protect its assets from hazards like theft, unsafe worker behavior, and damaged property. As a security guard, you will do this by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter inappropriate or illegal actions. You may also be required to monitor alarm and video surveillance systems for signs of hazards and crime.

Work as a Private Investigator

If you are looking for the best law enforcement and security job students opportunities, then you should consider working as a private investigator. Your inquiry work would typically range from handling personal issues like divorce and infidelity to company issues like suspected theft. Often, you will be required to carry out background research, which may entail asking questions and analyzing gathered information. Part of your work would likely include:

  • Fraud investigation;
  • Surveillance;
  • Process serving legal documents;
  • Tracing missing pets or people;
  • Performing background checks on employees.

You could either work for a private investigation company or be self-employed and work alone. In either case, the pay is quite decent, and the experience could be useful for your future career in law enforcement.

Consider Working as a Bailiff

Another area of great law enforcement and security work for college students available on our website would be to work as a bailiff. These officers work in courtrooms and are responsible for maintaining decorum during trials. Although job duties will vary slightly from those of a police officer, bailiffs play an important role in the justice system. You will work with all the parties in the court, including the judge, the jury, the defendants, and the public. The job description will include announcing the judge’s entrance, helping in escorting defendants to and from the court, ensuring that the judge’s directions are followed, delivering documents to the court, and making sure that the judge has all the supplies he or she requires. With an annual median salary of approximately $41,670, this job is very rewarding.

Get Work as a Police Officer

One of the most coveted jobs in law enforcement is working as a police officer. While not exactly a student job, you can work as an officer as you strive towards promotions. This is real law enforcement and security work for students looking to build their careers. You will be sworn to protect and serve the community in which you work and live. You will enforce laws, arrest and interview suspects, obtain warrants, secure scenes of accidents, and testify in court. The work is not that simple as you may need to work night shifts and emergency calls. Nonetheless, the job can help you rise through the levels of management.

Law enforcement careers can be quite rewarding in terms of service to the community and pay. You can start as a student, gaining experience and building your job profile as you complete your degree. Don’t hesitate — search good paying law enforcement and security work for students here. We will help you find the best offers!

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