Student Jobs in Hawaii | Permanent, Seasonal & Hourly Positions

Beverage Cart Attendant
Troon Golf Hawaii
Must be able to meet state age requirements to serve alcohol. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of applicable state liquor laws and standard operating procedures…
School & Swimming Pool Custodian III, IV
Hawaii State Department of Education Honolulu District, HI
Making yourself available for temporary positions increases your employment possibilities and may lead to permanent opportunities.
Warehouse Person (Loader) (FT/Nights)
PepsiCo ‘Aiea, HI
Driving a forklift (e.g., performing basic operations such as driving forwards, driving backwards, lifting and lowering boom, maneuvering in tight areas without…
Customer Service Agent Part Time
American Airlines Honolulu, HI
Applicable valid driver’s license as required by local authorities. We want you to be the best version of yourself – that’s why our wellness programs provide…
Government Information Special
US Department of Veterans Affairs Honolulu, HI
To be qualifying, the higher level graduate education must be in a major field of study or other field of study with course work directly related to the work of…
State of Hawaii Oahu Island, HI
The State Recruiting Office will refer all inquiries regarding this civil service recruitment to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Human…
Administrative Services Assistant, Professional Worker III, Professional Trainee II & I
Hawaii State Department of Education Oahu Island, HI
Applicants must possess a current valid passenger-type motor vehicle operator's license to drive in the State of Hawaii. Some vacant positions may be temporary.
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation Honolulu, HI
Possess a valid driver’s license with at least six months driving experience. Our Special Agents seek out cyberthieves, infiltrate organized crime rings and…
State of Hawaii Oahu Island, HI
The State Recruiting Office will refer all inquiries regarding this civil service recruitment to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Human…
School Custodian III
Hawaii State Department of Education Honolulu District, HI
For School Custodian III, at least one year of the work experience must have been comparable in nature and scope to that of a School Custodian in the State…

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