The Different Employment Contracts for Student Jobs in Texas

Trader (1261)
Employees Retirement System of Texas Austin, TX
Work also involves maintaining technical knowledge of trading and settlement processes in different markets, performing pre-trade and post-trade impact analysis…
Social Media Influencer
Fitkyt LLC Austin, TX
Must be a qualified - with demonstrated examples of success - in your chosen athletic field. Calling athletic social media influencers!!!
Funeral Director or Embalmer urgently hiring during COVID-19
Peters Funeral Home Quinlan, TX
Dual license is a plus and could offer more pay. This position requires a licensed Funeral Director in the state of Texas.
COVID-19 Screener - Construction Site (Temporary)
Medcor Inc Corpus Christi, TX
Have a current CPR certification. EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P, LVN, LPN, RN, CNA, CMA, Medical Assistant, Nurse Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Outdoor Emergency Care.
Flight Test Pilot
US Department of Defense Fort Worth, TX
At least 1,750 hours total flight time AND planning and managing aircraft for flight test operations, providing oversight and technical guidance for air crews…
You are in luck, Laundry Wings Washerplus choose their own hours, drive their own vehicles, and keep 100% of their tips! Keep 100% of your tips.
COVID-19 Remediation Specialist
BioRecon Technologies Houston, TX
You must be able to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and you must be able to abide by CDC, OSHA, and EPA guidelines and standards.
Contract Lease Operator
Caballo Loco Midstream Pecos, TX
Provide your own 4x4 vehicle and hand tools, specialty tools will be provided. You are responsible for personal income tax, Social Security, and health…
Dentist Case Reviewer - Contract
TMF Health Quality Institute Austin, TX
Active State license to practice medicine. Conducts research using online federal regulations, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) policy, standards of…
Leading provider of Hospitalist and telemedicine services is seeking a Neurologist for rapidly growing tele-neurology service.
Alpha Medical Texas
Choose between 1099 or employee status. Leading provider of Hospitalist and telemedicine services is seeking a Neurologist for rapidly growing tele-neurology…

Texas has many federal and state departments and agencies, businesses, organizations, and institutions that offer a host good payingjobs for student. Fortunately, for you, you can findjobs for students in Texas on this website. Nonetheless, before you check out the job listing, it is essential to take note of the different job contracts you can get employed under. Understanding them can help you know the one that is best for you. So, below are brief explanations of the different employment contracts.

Full-Time Contracts

This employment contract is by far the most common. It is offered for permanent roles, and typically, it spells details such as the salary of the employee, pension benefits, leave allowances, sick leaves and pay, and holiday entitlements. On a full-me contract, one has to work during the regular working hours stipulated. However, it is important to appreciate that; there are no minimum hours to work under a full-time contract.

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Fixed-Term Contracts

A fixed-term contract is one that lasts for a set and agreed upon length of time. On occasion, these contracts show the exact date of employment termination but might end sooner with the completion of a specific task. What benefits do people employees under this contract enjoy? Workers under fixed-term contracts enjoy the same benefits and rights as their counterparts on full-time contracts. Worth noting is that fixed-term contracts can lead to long-term job offers depending on performance and the role held.

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Agency, Freelance, and Zero Hour Contracts

Agency contracts are those that put you under an agency. Your contract terms are negotiated for you by an employment agency meaning that you do not have any direct agreement with your employer. For freelance contracts, you are basically a self-employed person who offers your services up to the point of delivering on your duty. Under this contract, you will not be entitled to any benefits accorded to permanent workers. Last but not least, zero hour contracts are casual contracts that mean one only works when the employer needs them to. If you are after flexiblework for college students in Texas, it is better to browse for jobs under the latter two contracts.

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